Sandra Dodd's Big Book of Unschooling

Sandra Dodd's Big Book of Unschooling

Sandra Dodd's Big Book of Unschooling

  • Format: Paperback | 406 pages
  • Dimensions: 152 x 229 x 23mm | 594g
  • Publication date: 01 Jul 2019
  • Publisher: Forever Curious Press
  • Language: English
  • Edition Statement: 2nd ed.
  • Illustrations note: 6 Illustrations
  • ISBN10: 1989499031
  • ISBN13: 9781989499030
  • Bestsellers rank: 18,529

Sandra Dodd lives and breathes unschooling.

Her family's unschooling story began in 1991 when her eldest turned five and didn't go to school. In the end, all three of their children were always unschooled and, along the way, Sandra generously shared their experience. ‚ÄčOver the years she's spoken at more than sixty homeschooling conferences and events spanning eight countries, and is still adding to her website, the most extensive and helpful unschooling and mindful parenting site on the web today.

This book is an insightful summary of her website, with hundreds of practical ideas about how to move from schoolish thinking to living a life of natural learning and joy. Where reading around the website is a marvelous choose-your-own-adventure kind of experience, the book is different. Its more clearly landmarked journey flows beautifully and feels deeper; more connected and personal.

Sandra Dodd's Big Book of Unschooling is a wellspring of ideas and inspiration for both new and seasoned unschooling parents alike.

"If you want to measure, measure generously. If you want to give, give generously. If you want to unschool or be a mindful parent, give, give, give. You'll find after a few years that you still have everything you thought you had given away, and more." Sandra Dodd

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