Language is Music

Language is Music

Language is Music

  • Format: Paperback | 120 pages
  • Dimensions: 140 x 216 x 6mm | 149g
  • Publication date: 01 Jan 2014
  • Publisher: Kaleidomundi
  • Publication City/Country: Cupertino, United States
  • Language: English
  • Edition Statement: 2nd Revised and Enlarged ed.
  • Illustrations note: 1, black & white illustrations
  • ISBN10: 0982018991
  • ISBN13: 9780982018996
  • Bestsellers rank: 384,384

Language is Music focuses on making learning foreign languages fun, easy and affordable for anyone with a desire to communicate effectively with people around the world. By applying over 100 simple tips to things you already do, such as listening to music or surfing the Web, you can experience the joy of "fluency" in any language without having to study abroad or spend money on private tutors. In Language is Music, Susanna Zaraysky masterfully shares her listening methods so that anyone can have fun learning any language. With over 100 tips and 100 free or low-cost Internet resources, you will learn how to use daily activities, such as watching T.V. or listening to music; conversation partners; and attendance at cultural events to become a masterful speaker of any tongue. "Learning foreign languages is like learning to sing a song or play music," says self-made linguist Susanna Zaraysky and author of Language is Music. Zaraysky has what you might call "an ear" for languages, having used music to successfully learn English, Russian, French, Spanish, Ladino, Italian, Portuguese, and Serbo-Croatian-all with excellent accents. (Third Edition published in January 2014.)
Advance Praise for Language is Music Language is Music is music for the mind! Susanna Zaraysky has crammed this little book with big ideas about how to learn a language, including a multitude of extremely practical tips and applications. As one who has dabbled in many languages and speaks a couple fluently, I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to speak another language. -John Perkins, New York Times Bestselling Author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man "I love it! I think it will help people who want to learn, and those who are curious about additional language learning. Many people want to learn a language but are frightened, or disappointed by the courses they have taken. Reading Language is Music will encourage them to try again, on their own and with friendly supporters." -Dr. Elba Maldonado-Colon, Professor Department of Elementary Education Bilingual Program, San Jose State University "LET IT JUST ROLL OFF YOUR TONGUE. With lyrical insight and solid experience, Susanna Zaraysky, author of Language is Music, provides easy steps for learning a language. Gone are the boring, disconnected strategies that most of us remember from school. You've never learned a language this quickly and easily. Zaraysky's methods embody fun, connection, rhythm, and above" -Suzanne Lettrick, M.Ed Educator and Founder of The Global Education and Action Network "Forget dictionaries and phrase books . . . Susanna Zaraysky's easy-to-use guide to language learning is indispensable for any serious language learner wanting to become fluent--not just conversationally proficient--in another language. Language is Music will teach you how to make language acquisition a part of your daily life, and to recreate the kind of total-immersion environment necessary for fluency. Highly recommended reading for aspiring polyglots. Pick up this book and you too will be all ears!" -Justin Liang, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Marshallese, intermediate Spanish "Back in France, I spent many years learning "academic" English in school. But I progressed much faster when I forced myself to listen to the BBC or not look at the subtitles when watching an American movie. I wish I had Susanna's book with me then. It's full of creative ideas and practical tips that are indispensable complements to the traditional methods of learning foreign languages -- and it's coming from someone you can trust, she speaks so many of them!" -Philippe Levy, French native speaker

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