Inquiry Mindset

Inquiry Mindset : Scaffolding a Partnership for Equity and Agency in Learning

How can we . . .Help students see themselves in a more positive, confident, and personally fulfilling light?Cultivate the conditions for agency and equity in our classrooms and schools so all learners can thrive?Shift education so that our students become more empowered, more competent, and more compassionate young people?

Trevor MacKenzie takes another deep dive into inquiry as he examines the role of assessment in education through the lens of co-designing and co-constructing with students. In Inquiry Mindset: Assessment Edition, he outlines the beliefs, values, and frameworks that allow teachers to scaffold assessment infused with student voice, understanding, and autonomy.

Inquiry Mindset: Assessment Edition offers practical ways to . . .Co-design assessment with your students to create both a sense of belonging and ownership over learning in the classroom.Establish greater clarity and a deeper understanding for your students in how they'll be assessed.Positively impact achievement and scores as well as your students' sense of self and personal responsibility and autonomy.

Give your learners an authentic seat at the assessment table!

"If you value inquiry and seek to develop reflective, self-directed students, get this book. It is brimming with advice and seasoned with soul. Your students will thank you."

-Jay McTighe, coauthor of the Understanding by Design(R) framework

"I work with schools around the world to help them redesign and align their curriculum and assessment, and this is a book I'll be recommending to those schools from now on. It's a perfect starting point for the work educators need to do to make assessment authentic, meaningful, and powerful."

-Alexis Wiggins, teacher, author of The Best Class You Never Taught

  • Format: Paperback | 264 pages
  • Dimensions: 152 x 229 x 14mm | 358g
  • Publication date: 27 Apr 2021
  • Publisher: Elevate Books Edu
  • Language: English
  • Edition Statement: Assessment ed.
  • ISBN10: 1735204633
  • ISBN13: 9781735204635
  • Bestsellers rank: 203,662

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