Finding Water

Finding Water : The Art of Perseverance

Finding Water : The Art of Perseverance

  • Format: Paperback | 304 pages
  • Dimensions: 188 x 229 x 18mm | 403g
  • Publication date: 24 Dec 2009
  • Publisher: Penguin Putnam Inc
  • Imprint: Jeremy P Tarcher
  • Publication City/Country: Los Angeles, United States
  • Language: English
  • ISBN10: 1585427772
  • ISBN13: 9781585427772
  • Bestsellers rank: 48,758

The third book in Julia Cameron's groundbreaking The Artist's Way trilogy on creative self-renewal is now in paperback.

In this inspiring twelve-week program, the third in Julia Cameron's beloved body of work on the creative process, Cameron offers guidance on weathering the periods in an artist's life when inspiration has run dry. This book provides wisdom and tools for tackling some of the greatest challenges that artists face such as: Making the decision to begin a new project
Persevering when a new approach to your art does not bear immediate fruit
Staying focused when other parts of your life threaten to distract you form your art
Finding possibilities for artistic inspiration in the most unlikely places

Another revolutionary twelve-week program for artistic renewal from the foremost authority on the creative process, Finding Water is an essential book for any artist.

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