Something happens in students when they define themselves as makers and inventors and creators. They discover powerful skills-problem-solving, critical thinking, and imagination-that will help them shape the world's future ... our future. If that's true, why isn't creativity a priority in more schools today? Educators John Spencer and A.J. Juliani know firsthand the challenges teachers face every day: School can be busy. Materials can be scarce. The creative process can seem confusing. Curriculum requirements can feel limiting. Those challenges too often bully creativity, pushing it to the side as an "enrichment activity" that gets put off or squeezed into the tiniest time block. We can do better. We must do better if we're going to prepare students for their future. LAUNCH: Using Design Thinking to Boost Creativity and Bring Out the Maker in Every Student provides a process that can be incorporated into every class at every grade level ... even if you don't consider yourself a "creative teacher." And if you dare to innovate and view creativity as an essential skill, you will empower your students to change the world-starting right now. Look, Listen, and Learn Ask Lots of Questions Understand the Problem or Process Navigate Ideas Create Highlight What's Working and Failing Are you ready to LAUNCH?

  • Format: Paperback | 298 pages
  • Dimensions: 152.4 x 226.06 x 20.32mm | 408.23g
  • Publication date: 18 May 2016
  • Publisher: Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc.
  • Language: English
  • Illustrations note: Illustrations
  • ISBN10: 0996989544
  • ISBN13: 9780996989541
  • Bestsellers rank: 76,282

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