Being Human

Being Human : Diagnosis in Curative Education

What does it mean to be human? Human development unfolds in a twofold way. On the one hand, there is an ever-more profound incarnation, or "inhabitation," of the physical body. On the other hand, there is the increasing discrimination of the individual objects of the world.

Difficulties and obstacles along this path can lead to so-called disabilities. König's approach to curative education allows us to see these disabilities as meaningful ways of coping with or resolving the various problems that arise in living in a physical body. From this point of view, "disabilities" are exaggerated forms of ways we all use to cope with life.

"The point is not only to see the deviations, but to see them against the mighty backdrop of a comprehensive child anthropology." Being Human presents the outline of just such a comprehensive anthropology.

Being Human is of value not only to those working in special education, but to anyone interested in the dynamics of incarnation and "normal" development.

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Foreword by Michaela Glöckler
Introduction by Cornelius Pietzner


Three Ways of Diagnosing
Some Guiding Images in the Area of Motor Disturbances: The Lonely Individual
Some Guiding Images in the Area of Sensory Disturbances
The Problem of Right and Left
The World of Language
The Gestalt of the Child


An Introduction to Convulsive Disorders
Different Types of Convulsive Disorders
Epilepsy and Hysteria

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