• Format: Paperback | 266 pages
  • Dimensions: 150 x 226 x 23mm | 499g
  • Publication date: 26 Jun 2017
  • Publisher: IMPress
  • Publication City/Country: Withington, United Kingdom
  • Language: English
  • Illustrations note: Illustrations, black and white
  • ISBN10: 194644443X
  • ISBN13: 9781946444431
  • Bestsellers rank: 85,479

Kids begin their learning journey as curious problem solvers who ask questions and create solutions. As they go through school, something happens to many of our students, and they begin to play the game of school, eager to be compliant and follow a path instead of making their own.

As teachers, leaders, and parents, we have the opportunity to be the guide in our kids' education and unleash the creative potential of each and every student. In a world that is ever changing, our job is not to prepare students for something; instead, our role is to help students prepare themselves for anything.

In Empower, A.J. Juliani and John Spencer provide teachers, coaches, and administrators with a roadmap that will inspire innovation, authentic learning experiences, and practical ways to empower students to pursue their passions while in school.

Compliance is expecting students to pay attention. Engagement is getting students excited about our topics, interests, and curriculum. But when we empower students, they crave learning that is both meaningful and relevant to their life, now and in the future.

Empower is for you if ...

You are a teacher eager to get students making, designing, and creating their own learning path in (and out of) the classroom

You are a superintendent, district administrator, or principal who is leading change and working to help your staff thrive in a twenty-first-century learning environment

You are a coach, staff developer, or teacher leader who is crafting professional learning experiences and wants to encourage colleagues to be the guide on the ride

Empower is focused not only on what happens when students own their learning but also on how to reach a place where that is possible in the midst of standards, set curriculum paths, and realities of school that we all have to deal with. Written by real educators who are still working in schools and with teachers, Empower will provide ways to overcome these challenges and turn them into opportunities for our learners to be unabashedly different and remarkable.

Join the conversation online using the hashtag #EmpowerBook and learn more at EmpowerBook.co.

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