Building Bridges Through Sensory Integration

Building Bridges Through Sensory Integration : Therapy for Children with Autism and Other Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Winner of the Summer 2015 Academics' Choice Smart Book Award. Written by three experienced occupational therapists, this book offers a combination of theory and strategies. It is a perfect tool for those working with young children, but also broad enough to be adapted for older children and adults. Building Bridges provides creative techniques and useful tips while offering innovative strategies and practical advice for dealing with everyday challenges, including managing behaviors, improving muscle tone, developing social skills, selecting diets, and more. Part one explains the role of the occupational therapists in treatment and examines sensory integration theories. Part two offers methods of identifying sensory problems in children along with numerous strategies and activities. Helpful topics include: what is occupational therapy?; what is sensory integration?; what are the sensory systems?; identifying problems with sensory integration strategies for challenging behaviours; ideas for self-care skills; adapting home, school, and childcare settings.

  • Format: Paperback | 312 pages
  • Dimensions: 216 x 279 x 22.86mm | 861.83g
  • Publication date: 30 Jun 2015
  • Publisher: Sensory World
  • Publication City/Country: Texas, United States
  • Language: English
  • Edition: Revised
  • Edition Statement: 3rd Revised edition
  • ISBN10: 1935567454
  • ISBN13: 9781935567455
  • Bestsellers rank: 33,146

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