Why Do I Have To?

Why Do I Have To? : A Book for Children Who Find Themselves Frustrated by Everyday Rules

Why do I have to go to school before the show that I am watching is over? Why do I have to wear shoes and a jacket when I go outside? Rules like these can be really frustrating - but they don't have to be!

Why do I have to? looks at a set of everyday situations that provide challenges for children at home, with their friends, and at school. Laurie Leventhal-Belfer empathizes with children's wish to do things their way, explains clearly why their way does not work, and provides a list of practical suggestions for how to cope with these challenges and avoid feelings of frustration. This is the ideal book for children who have difficulty coping with the expectations of daily living, as well as for their parents and the professionals who work with them.

  • Format: Paperback | 80 pages
  • Dimensions: 172 x 244 x 8mm | 280g
  • Publication date: 15 Aug 2008
  • Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
  • Publication City/Country: London, United Kingdom
  • Language: English
  • ISBN10: 1843108917
  • ISBN13: 9781843108917
  • Bestsellers rank: 38,939

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