Future-Focused Learning

Future-Focused Learning : Ten Essential Shifts of Everyday Practice (Changing Teaching Practices to Support Authentic Learning for the 21st Century)

Future-Focused Learning : Ten Essential Shifts of Everyday Practice (Changing Teaching Practices to Support Authentic Learning for the 21st Century)

  • Format: Paperback | 184 pages
  • Dimensions: 175 x 251 x 15mm | 408g
  • Publication date: 27 Jul 2018
  • Publisher: Solution Tree
  • Publication City/Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • ISBN10: 1945349581
  • ISBN13: 9781945349584
  • Bestsellers rank: 161,882

When educators embrace student-centered learning, classrooms transform, authentic learning comes alive, and outcomes improve. A culmination of Lee Watanabe-Crockett's ten-plus years of work with schools around the world, Future-Focused Learning details ten core shifts of practice--along with simple microshifts--you can use with your students immediately, regardless of your core curriculum or instructional pedagogy. These proven shifts offer a clear pathway for taking the great work you are already doing and making it exceptional.

Use this book to improve student-centered learning in the classroom and support authentic learning outcomes for the 21st century: Study over 50 specific examples of classroom microshifts that make the larger shifts in practice simple to achieve as a collective group. Connect the six essential fluencies--solution fluency, information fluency, creative fluency, media fluency, collaboration fluency, and global digital citizenship--to the shifts of practice that develop students' key 21st century skills and higher-order thinking. Explore topics in student-centered learning competencies such as project-based learning, essential questions, STEM education, and digital skills. Learn why fostering connections to learning --from improved emotional connections to the value of clear learning intentions--improve student-centered learning outcomes and higher-order thinking. Improve formative assessment practices to be more mindful, ask the essential questions, and further student engagement by involving them in the assessment process. Access an exclusive online bonus chapter that examines the value of solution fluency across a range of applications.

Chapter 1: Essential and Herding Questions
Chapter 2: Connection Through Context and Relevance
Chapter 3: Personalized Learning
Chapter 4: A Challenge of Higher-Order-Thinking Skills
Chapter 5: Information Fluency for Research Skills
Chapter 6: Process-Oriented Learning
Chapter 7: Learning Intentions and Success Criteria
Chapter 8: Learner-Created Knowledge
Chapter 9: Mindful Assessment
Chapter 10: Self- and Peer Assessment

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