Verbal Abuse

Verbal Abuse : Survivors Speak Out on Relationship and Recovery

Verbal Abuse : Survivors Speak Out on Relationship and Recovery

  • Format: Paperback | 272 pages
  • Dimensions: 140 x 216 x 18mm | 392g
  • Publication date: 01 Feb 2003
  • Publisher: Adams Media Corporation
  • Publication City/Country: Holbrook, MA, United States
  • Language: English
  • ISBN10: 1558503048
  • ISBN13: 9781558503045
  • Bestsellers rank: 271,996

If your partner: seems irritated or angry at you several times a week, denies being angry when he clearly is, does not work with you to resolve important issues, rarely or never seems to share thoughts or plans with you, or tells you that he has no idea what you're talking about when you try to discuss important need this book.

Verbal Abuse: Survivors Speak Out outlines solutions to abusive relationships, tells victims where to find shelters and support groups, and analyzes why many therapists misdiagnose problems in violent relationships.

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