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Emotional intelligence is the safest, most effective mean to live a successful life. Therefore, as a parent or teacher, you always need to be interested in improving emotional intelligence in your child. Unfortunately, this vital part of every child's education is often ignored by common schooling methods. You can start by searching for the emotional intelligence definition but most often than not, it won't be the answer you need. You first need to understand all the principles behind it and then figure out what is emotional intelligence. That is why the author starts by detailing emotions and how feelings affect our lives constantly. This emotional intelligence book aims to supplement the standard education received by your kid or student by raising awareness about various methods and practices. These approaches have been developed during the author's experience in the educational system and through thorough research in the field of child and group psychology. Emotional Intelligence for Kids is structured in ten chapters which have been designed in such way that they could provide intensive and pertinent emotional intelligence training for your kid. These chapters will help parents and teachers in achieving a more unconventional educational method, focused on exposing children to activities that encourage the expression of emotions. It will teach you how to develop emotional intelligence in your kids while providing a solid emotional intelligence appraisal. Social skills contribute substantially to an efficient adaptation and integration in the environment we live in. Through interactions with others, we achieve individual goals. We reach them not only through pure cognitive thought but also through emotions, through human relationships that push us forward. Without emotions and relationships, our lives are meaningless. Emotional intelligence in the workplace is also vital for your professional career. Thus, a child's ability to develop relationships with other children until the age of 6 years and above is often more important than having a high IQ. Some kids bloom late and some early, their cognitive processes start to kick in at different stages in life. Developing Emotional intelligence is something that kids must practice starting kindergarten. The process of developing social and emotional skills begins as early as the first years of life, which is why the quality of interactions with others is crucial. You won't find an emotional intelligence test or an emotional intelligence quiz here, but rather a collection of emotional intelligence activities, described in detail with clear objectives and instructions. These activities will be your homework as a parent or tutor, something to work on with your child during his learning. It is the best emotional intelligence assessment you can make: by practicing these activities with your young ones and guiding their reactions and providing constant feedback to them.

  • Format: Paperback | 46 pages
  • Dimensions: 152 x 229 x 3mm | 82g
  • Publication date: 10 Apr 2012
  • Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Language: English
  • ISBN10: 149619103X
  • ISBN13: 9781496191038
  • Bestsellers rank: 144,884

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