Unlock You

Unlock You : Be calm, confident and happy in just 10 minutes a day

Unlock You : Be calm, confident and happy in just 10 minutes a day

  • Format: Paperback | 224 pages
  • Dimensions: 140 x 215 x 10mm | 281g
  • Publication date: 02 Feb 2019
  • Publisher: Pearson Education Limited
  • Imprint: Pearson Business
  • Publication City/Country: Harlow, United Kingdom
  • Language: English
  • ISBN10: 1292251123
  • ISBN13: 9781292251127
  • Bestsellers rank: 298,584

This business book is great for leaders, middle managers and entrepreneurs interested in the following categories;



If you're suffering from stress, anxiety or negative thoughts, then Unlock You is your simple, six-week plan to feel calm, kick that bad habit and release your potential to be your best.

Unlock You is a special programme designed to give you the skills and tools to be calmer, happier and more confident. When challenging situations arise you will be able to deal better with them, and cope in a crisis.

This unique and easy to follow programme gives you a host of simple techniques and exercises to beat stress and negative habits, and release potential beyond that which you knew you had! Designed to fit easily into your daily life, you'll quickly learn how to step out of your own way.

Using mindfulness, emotional intelligence, CBT and the latest findings from neuroscience, this book doesn't just change the way you feel but the way you act and react. By building the programme into your daily routine you'll be a better partner, parent, friend, employer and employee. As you gain knowledge about yourself and what you need to do to change your life, we will guide you as you turn the programme into a personal road map. You will build this into a six week programme that embeds easily into your daily life - a daily life that will continue to get better and better.

You'll be able to:

* Recognise a negative or unhelpful belief and be able to replace it with a more positive one.

* Remain focussed and not let your negative thoughts take over.

* Understand which kinds of stress are good and which are bad.

* Recognise when you're in 'fright or flight mode' and how to quickly calm down.

* Set goals that are attainable and in line with their beliefs.

* Know which emotions are negative and unhealthy, so you can accept and work to change them.

* Learn the importance of emotional intelligence and methods to develop compassion and empathy.

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